Monday, October 3, 2011

Nagarjuna's Short Temper In Discussion

The hottest topic making rounds in the cine circuit is the hot headed nature of Nagarjuna. Though he comes across as a cool cucumber, those who know Nag personally say that he does have temper right on the tip of his nose. And with temper comes an element of un-parliamentary language as well.
With the ongoing controversy about Nag and Suneeta Chowdary, some introspection is happening about his nature. While some say Nag doesn’t get intimidated without a reason, there are those who say that though he flares up, he has a mercurial temper so it cools down in no time.
Whatever it may be, many are suggesting that since it involves a lady, Nag should have restrained himself. Moreover, she hails from the media fraternity. Even if she pushed Nag’s patience to the limit, if only he showed some patience at that moment, the issue would not have come so far. The investigations have begun so the coming days will reveal who was right and who was not.

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