Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Dookudu - A full Entertainer

Rating : 3.25/5.0
Mahesh Babu’s much-awaited Telugu film “Dookudu” finally released today in theatres all over the world. It is a wholesome entertainer which will be liked by Families and Mahesh Babu fans.

Ajay ( Mahesh Babu), a sincere police officer on a mission to kill Nayak ( Sonu Sood) a underworld don and his accomplice one time his father Shankar Narayana ( Prakash Raj) a former MLA. Ajay other mission is to keep his ailing father happy by makeing things to his likings.Ajay and his team goes thro hilarious situations in the process to cover up the things before his father. How he succeeds in both the missions is the rest of the story.

Mahesh Babu role and his action is highlight to the film.  The role is a tailor made for him by director Srinu Vytla.  Mahesh Babu dialogues are good. His acting in emotional scenes are marvelous. The variation he showed in body language between Police officer and MLA  is commedable.

Brahmanandam, MS Narayana deserve apt for thier comedy acting. They are hilarious.

Samantha has nothing to do much except singing songs as Mahesh Babu love interest.

Parvathi Melton’s sizzling item number disappoints you. Sonu Sood did his best so are others..

Stay tuned for complete review, in a while....

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