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Kandireega movie 2011

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Seenu (Ram) is a fugitive chap in his village and never completes his graduation. He expresses interest to marry his uncle's daughter Colors Swathi. However, Swathi rejects him since he's not an knowledgeable guy. A determined Seenu then joins a college in the city and falls in love with Shruti (Hansika), whom Bhavani (Sonu Sood) is already smitten by but Seenu's dare devil antics convinces Shruti and he finally wins her. However, Seenu life's and his adventurous love story takes several twists and turns after locking horns with Bhavani and these developments are to be watched on the silver screen.

Analysis :
Director Santosh Srinivas has managed to put up a decent show with Kandireega movie. Albeit the movie was yet another run of the mill story,  the way Santosh Srinivas treated was cracking. You can spot the flavors from movies like 'Dhee', 'Ready', etc where there's lot of drama unfolding as the movie progresses. Although Kandireega is a script something similar to Ram's earlier movie 'Ready' Santosh treated in a different way - the tone and the tinge the director bought to this trilingual love story is something unique.

Ram has once again selected an action drama that perfectly suits his age, body language and character. However, its time Ram gets into a script away from these genres since we've already seen them. Kandireega movie is a brooding script on love and violence interspersed in interesting combination. The contemporary college life, the dark streets paved with blood and guts provide an intriguing backdrop for the goons. And director Santosh Srinivas has woven an interesting story and taut script, around few enigmatic personalities.

The screenplay and the execution is to be commended  and there's a natural flow of dialogues. What's more significant is that the director has chosen characters which would sync with script and did not try out of the blue. Kandireega movie story knew its limitations and Santosh has struck to his talks without too many deviations.  The drama scenes between Sonu Sood, Ram, Hansika and Jaya Prakash Reddy are one of the highlights.

TeluguOne Perspective :
Hero Ram is once again back in action with his action drama entertainer. He has gelled well with the character and got plenty of support from Hansika, Sonu Sood and Jaya Prakash Reddy. Kandireega movie has good entertainment in the form of romance, action and melo drama. The movie is pretty good time pass for all those who are down with mundane activity. Looks like Ram has done a lot of research on this script to ensure that there's a natural flow in the characters, which are well connected.

The first ten minutes of the movie establishes the hero's characterization and gives you more insights ads he's getting poised for higher horizons. The second half is where the real drama unfolds and this is where Santosh has managed to keep the script going without diluting the tempo and drama. As the movie advances, the plot would be unveiled to the audience but the characters still live imagination and the way these scenes have come out is worth watching.

Plus Points:
Ram dance

Weak Points:
Run of the mill script
Dragging 2nd half

Ram gives a lot to his character Seenu. The way he has matured with films and as an actor is absolutely brilliant. He has lent lot of energy and shoulders the movie with his characterization.  True to his tag – energy star – Ram does it again!

Hansika looks busty. She has put on lot's of weight but has done a reasonably good job. Aksha is a surprise package. She has allured one and all with her Telangana accent and has done well, particularly in emotive scenes.

Jaya Prakash Reddy is at is usual best. Uttering dialogues in  Telangana with power, he has balanced his emotional quotient and choler well. Sonu Sood is far better than his previous films. This time he has ample scope to improvise and be part of a convincing melodrama.


Cameraman work is commendable. The locations tapped in Swizz and other parts of Europe have been beautifully pictured. SS Thaman's music is pretty good and adding to these tunes were Ram's dance.

Final Word: Ram's Kandireega review is good and the rating also looks promising. Its Ram all the way... and Kandireega is a time pass movie worth your money. The talk might take better shape due to Dhada's failure.

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